[Sarlug] Linux: Laptop Mode, Prolonging Battery Life

Genix horohorinev at mail.ru
Sun Jan 2 01:37:12 MSK 2000

Что многоуважаемый пипл думает по поводу сабжика?

Хотелось бы услышать практические откликы счастливых владельцев

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Jens Axboe recently posted a patch for the 2.4 stable kernel introducing
a "laptop_mode" sysctl variable aimed at increasing battery time on
laptops. The patch accomplishes this in a couple of main ways. First,
when a specific write happens, the systems finds any other data that is
also ready to be written and writes it at the same time. Additionally,
whenever a read happens, the system again finds any data that is ready
to be written and writes it following the read. In each case, the idea
is to minimize the frequency that a laptop's hard drive has to spin up,
thus prolonging battery life.

When posting a second version of the patch with "a few tweaks and
adjustments", Jens noted, "I've gotten several mails [from people] who
really like the patch and [say] that it really adds a
[non-insignificant] amount of extra battery time. I consider the patch
final at this point." The patch is against the 2.4.21-rc2 stable kernel,
though Jens acknowledged that he intends to port the patch to the 2.5
development kernel in the near future. Read on for much of the resulting

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P.S.: Тескт читал полностью ;)
Best regards, Genix.
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