[Sarlug] IPS HLBR 1.0 released (off-topic)

Eriberto eriberto на eriberto.pro.br
Вт Мар 7 04:56:01 MSK 2006

IPS HLBR - Version 1.0 can detect malicious traffic using regular

Version 1.0 of Hogwash Light BR, released march 5th 2006, brings two
interesting new features. The first one is the ability of using
regular expressions to detect intrusion attempts and e-mails with
virus or phishing. The second is the use of lists with banned words.

HLBR is an IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) that reads network
traffic in the layer 2 of the OSI model. Since it works like a bridge,
it stays in-line in the network topology and doesn't need an IP
address. So, HLBR is invisible to attackers. Traffic filtering
(including the packets contents) can be done with simple rules.
Version 1.0 can use regular expressions to filter the packets. To see a 
example of rule with regular expression, please check 
http://hlbr.sourceforge.net/hlbr-rule-1.gif .

HLBR lets you use rules for blocking attacks against network servers.
In order to fully understand it please read our documentation at
http://hlbr.sourceforge.net/ips-en.html - explanations about the IPS
concept including charts.

HLBR site is at http://hlbr.sourceforge.net.

(Translated from Portuguese by André Bertelli - andre (a) bertelli.name)

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